This is a time lapse video of a traditional handmade Mongolian ger being set up by SunTime Yurts. This is a 19ft (5wall) ger and will act as the display model for SunTime Yurts in Leavenworth, WA.
Beautiful timelapse as the big dipper swings through the northern sky as the yurt falls asleep. Must watch in High Def.
To finish off a 7 month trip to Mongolia, Colin from SunTime Yurts moved in with a herding family in the south Gobi desert for 12 days. He had just one camera battery. Here are his diaries from the experience.
Here are several time lapses taken during the June 1st and 2nd Mother Earth News Fair in Puyallup, WA. SunTime Yurts had a great time setting up and sharing their 5wall traditional Mongolian Yurt, while also doing a live burn demonstration of the Kimberly Gasifier Wood Stove.
This is an interview with Elizabeth an owner of a traditional Mongolian Ger (yurt). Elizabeth has been living in her yurt since early last fall through the rainy NW winter. Colin of SunTime Yurts went out to visit her to see how she had faired.
SunTime Yurts does a winter experiment to demonstrate how well a Jotul 602 CB wood stove heats a Mongolian Ger. The yurt started at 47 degrees. The damper was closed and no wood was added after 1 hour of hard burning. Wood used was 5-6 inch pieces of well seasoned alder.
SunTime yurts provided Ann and Charley with their honeymoon suite on their first night of being a wedded couple. This is a timelapse of the setup of the yurt at the off grid Skalitude resort in the Methow Valley. Beautiful wedding and idea.
This is a test of the 100% wool felt insulation used in traditional Mongolian Yurts. The wool will singe but never catch fire. These yurts can be found at