How to Assemble your Mongolian Yurt

First you must choose a desired and practical location for your ger. Ideally  your ger likes to have at least some sunlight during the day, and preferably a southern exposure to the sky.

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Platforms and Location

The ideal location for a Mongolian yurt is in the high altitude arid steppe of Mongolia.  In this arid environment, there is a lot of sun exposure, little moisture and a stiff breeze. For SunTime Yurters we must do our best to pick these locations or artificially create them.


Rain, Mildew, Mold, Wind, Snow Oh My!

The Authentic Mongolian Yurt is made of all natural materials which in turn has incredible benefits but it also comes with a few precautions and preventative procedures.


Wood Stove Heat and Installation

The wood stove is the heart of the yurt and we highly recommend wood heat. The wood stove produces very dry heat which can be an integral part in the traditional yurt system as well as in combatting cold temperatures.

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How do I order a Yurt?

SunTime Yurts takes custom orders once a year. Between October & December we take approximately 12 orders for the upcoming year. Around the first of the new year we send our order to Mongolia. If the order is not full we will bring in inventory, but these are likely to sell out before the yurts arrive. Email us with your order details and we will get your yurt going on the next order.